Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis

The star of Bachelorette upcoming season!!!

The recent Season of Bachelorette has brought a name forward of the most lovable, desirable bachelor and daddy figure contestant Juan Pablo Galavis. Though the guy could not win the heart of Desiree Hartsock in season 9 yet the Latino hunk won the hearts and minds of million Americans with his single daddy image. As per US magazine Juan Pablo was most adored contestant by fans that ABC has again chosen him their upcoming season star of Bachelorette. He is the first Latin Bachelor to come on the ABC’S show Bachelorette in the history of past 11 years. Americans were so much falling in love with Juan that his rejection left them totally astounded but his come back on the next season brought smile on their faces again.

Juan Pablo shared his views with ‘Men Tell All’ regarding next season of bachelorette that he is right now almost 32 years old. He really wants a family. He wants to settle down and have a wife and two more kids.

US magazine confirmed the same as well. Juan added few more words with his willingness to seek a life long love that it was hard to make the decision. It is a great responsibility, because he’s going to find, hopefully, the person who’s going to be with him and his daughter. He wants to find a stepmom for his daughter Camila and He wants to have two more kids.

As Camila is one an only significant lady to single daddy Juan Pablo so daddy will take every step with her consent. Sources also confirmed – ‘Juan Pablo would never pursue a serious relationship – much less ask for someone’s hand in marriage – without his daughter being completely OK with it’.

Added few more points to the words sources said – ‘For the most part, Camila’s mother will be taking care of her while Juan Pablo is shooting, but she will definitely appear on the show. He’s going to make sure to see her as often as he can and include her in the process – very much like what Emily Maynard did with her daughter Ricki when she was the Bachelorette.’

Recent news has aired former Bachelorette star Emma Maynard’s tips to Juan Pablo for next season. Emma suggested drinking lots of coffee, because he is not going to get much sleep and to ask lots of questions and follow the gut based on their answers.

She further stated that being the Bachelorette is very hard situation but being a single parent into the mix makes it that much harder but in the same time it’s also like blessing because children are said to be honest and help to keep us very grounded. Further she added in her advice to Juan to keep talking to Camila every day and keep her at the forefront in all choices.

In a short span of On-screen presence Juan Pablo Galavis has fetched so much fan followers that no-one has done in the history of Bachelorette. So we have discussed lot about this Venezuelan bachelor but who is he? And what he does? Juan Pablo is the former professional Soccer player of Venezuela. He played for various clubs such as Cascade Surge, Caracas FC B, UD Maritimo, Italchicao, Managas SC, Guaros FC, Aragua FC & Miami FC. His senior career started from 2001 and continued till 2008 as he didn’t want to relocate from Miami because of his daughter Camila from Ex- partner and actress Carla Rodriguez. He stopped playing soccer and tested his luck on music industry by promoting it on Miami bar & club.

Mean while he worked with Venezuelan lyrics writer and musician Mario Donoso & Frank Sontofimio. Later on they together promoted Chino Y Nacho which earned them the recording contract with Universal Music Latin Entertainment. Juan helped several music bands to establish in Miami such as L’Squadron, Servando y Florentino, Treo, Jerry Rivera and Obie Bermudez.
Juan Pablo Galavis worked as a T.V. host of sports show on Mega News for a short while. He filmed some television advertisement as well.

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